The Unpleasant Truth Of Haynes Furniture

The Unpleasant Truth Of Haynes Furniture

The once reputed Haynes furniture store is losing its reputation due to poor customer care, poor quality and replacement policies. Avoid this place if you do not wish to see your furniture break down within a few months of purchase. There have been several dissatisfied customers who complain about unclear warranty policies, long waiting periods for repair and lack of support from the upper management.

article new ehow images a04 k1 12 finance furniture bad credit 800x800 300x200 The Unpleasant Truth Of Haynes FurnitureHaynes furniture has had a good history of being one of the oldest and first furniture stores in Virginia. Nevertheless, this reputation seems to be fading away considering the wave of customer dissatisfaction hitting the company. To begin with, the customer service at Haynes is very poor and offers no support to customers. If your furniture happens to be damaged before the stipulated warranty, brace yourself for multiple phone calls, impolite representatives and weeks of waiting period. In fact, this is what a customer experienced when he tried to contact the store representatives about his broken furniture.

The furniture is made from cheap quality materials and is known to last no longer than a year! Buying a chair from Haynes furniture turned out to be a nightmare for a few customers. It began to squeak and the chair’s arms went in when people placed their arms over it. It looked as though it was broken or worn out within a matter of months. In one instance, a customer made expensive purchases of dining room sets, kitchen sets, dual recliner sofas, recliner chairs along with a warranty. The customer began to notice problems with dual recliners after a few months. The company’s repair service was so poor that the recliners were fixed repeatedly in 3 different circumstances.

The problem did not end there for the customer. The cables came loose after a few months of this repair. Upon contacting the store representatives, the customer was informed that the store does not deal with the company that manufactured his furniture. The customer is now stuck with faulty chairs that no longer recline. In fact, recliner sofas have also posed problems of motor shutdowns. The store makes lame excuses about warranty being run out to avoid replacement or repairs. If you wish to purchase extended warranty, do it with care because the company is vague about the warranty terms.

The store officials are least supportive and do not bother to inform you about alternate repair options. Few customers have even called the corporate office regarding these complaints only to be disappointed with the support level extended. It is common for sales representatives to make billing mistakes and the customer often ends up paying extra charges for nothing. Adding to this trouble, he has to undergo the refund procedure that painful and time consuming. Apart from this, the mattresses sold at the store are of poor quality and has brought about physical pain and discomfort to customers.

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