Get Out Of Rooms To Go Furniture!

Get Out Of Rooms To Go Furniture!

Rooms to go furniture store is known more for poor customer service and inefficient shipping services rather than for top quality furniture. Incidences of furniture damages have been extensive, while the company continues to refuse replacements. It is a place for confusion, improper management and poor quality furniture.

lr rm metropolis lsf slate6 300x210 Get Out Of Rooms To Go Furniture!Rooms to go furniture claims to offer the best home furnishing in town. Yet, the store is not free from customer complaints and dissatisfaction. Recently, a customer reported of purchasing a leather sofa from this store. She was asked to pay extra charges for extended warranty services provided by the store. What the warranty failed to mention is the sofa might soon be flaked off the leather. Upon revisiting the store, she was informed that the store no longer carries the brand she purchased. The customer was forced to leave without proper information or support from store representatives.

There have also been complaints about damaged furniture being delivered to the customer. In one instance, a newly delivered sofa had nails protruding from the inner layers of leather. This can pose a threat to children in the family since the nails tend to be pointed and extremely sharp. Although the store promised a replacement, the replaced sofa was much worse and had been worn out at several spots. There were loose threads hanging around the furniture and seemed to be second hand furniture piece. Adding to the trouble, the sales representative informed the customer that he cannot return the damaged replacement furniture. This left the customer with only one option – to keep the damaged product by paying heavy sales prices.

The company advertises beautifully styled bedroom sets at very low prices. While it is true that you receive what you pay for, moderately priced bed from rooms to go lacked several features. The bed wasn’t correctly set up and the slats were not long enough to hold the mattress. The assembly crew from rooms to go made no attempts to screw in the slots. The bed literally fell on the floor when the customer used it for the first time. The assembly and delivery crew were so disorganized that the customer reported of broken mirror and chapped walls after the assembly process was complete.

The delivery team is most inefficient and completely failed to manage customer address and delivery dates. The customer ended up sleeping on floor for the entire week! The kids department of rooms to go is facing complaints of damaged bunk beds. The top bunk boards were not properly screwed and it almost fell off on the kid below. The store refused replacement and harassed the customer for 5 long months. The contact information was not properly recorded and the store finally blamed the customer for improper contact information and failure to set up delivery dates.

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