Rock’s Carolina Furniture – A Review

Rock’s Carolina Furniture – A Review

Rock’s Carolina Furniture is one of the reputed brands in the U.S. They have been in business since 1993. They offer affordable prices. However customers have felt a lack in quality of the furniture and mattresses. The delivery methods also require a lot of improvement.

carolina furniture midnight 437850 853 439500 25606.jpg.thumb 500x356 300x213 Rocks Carolina Furniture – A ReviewMany family owned furniture stores are doing good business in the U.S. Rock’s Carolina Furniture belongs to the same category. It started off in the year 1993. They proclaim integrity, great customer service and honesty. It is possible to buy high quality furniture and durable mattresses at good prices at this store. Some of the leading manufacturers like Liberty, Best Chair, Ashley, Broyhill are regular suppliers to this store. They have a wide range of collections in dining room tables, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom suites, room packages, englander therapedic mattresses, mattress set and cariconcia mattresses. The store also offers financing for flexible payment. This is a big plus for customers with medium budgets aspiring for high-end furniture brands. Herein they have an option to enjoy expensive furniture through affordable schemes.

They are no doubt very competitive when it comes to choices and pricing, but is that the only requirement of customers? Some buyers may give the affirming nod to merely the price tag but most people give importance to quality and shopping satisfaction as well. Though this store speaks much about the quality, the actual products fall short on expectation. There have been innumerable complaints from customers who have felt let down by Rock’s Carolina Furniture. One customer had bought 2 pieces of living room furniture. The reputation of the store made the person buy it but he really felt let down. The furniture pieces looked much older than their actual life. The cushions were almost worn out. The recliner had visible damages and was really uncomfortable to use. The store was contacted but no staff member came up with a concrete solution. In another case, delivery of the product was delayed indefinitely. When the customer support personnel were contacted, their responses were neither accurate nor satisfactory. Mismatched sets are also a concern. It is quite common for customers to receive tables without the matching chairs and vice-versa. There have been many instances of broken furniture sold to customers too. At times the furniture pieces were simply glued together and after a while the pieces simply fell off. Some new furniture was found with blemishes and some customers found the products to be in a very bad condition when delivered to their homes. The delivery personnel would not wait until unpacking. Though the collections are huge, there are times when you fail to find the proclaimed high-quality product.

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