Kincaid Furniture Co Inc – A Review

Kincaid Furniture Co Inc – A Review

Kincaid Furniture Co Inc is one of the most well known brands in the U.S. They have been in business for a significant time. They offer the most competitive prices. However customers have felt a lack in quality of the products and delivery methods. There have been many customers who have felt let down by this reputed store.

814 86 300x225 Kincaid Furniture Co Inc – A ReviewEstablished in the year 1946, Kincaid Furniture enjoys good brand value in the industry. Currently they have more than 25 collections of solid wood furniture. They also purchased a company called Alexvale Furniture in the year 2000 and thus became a full-fledged manufacturer of custom upholstery. They are one of the leading brands in the whole of the U.S. Whatever be your furnishing requirement for your bedroom, living room or dining room Kincaid has it all. They also have a good collection of tables, credenzas, desks, bookcases and the like. They also have a huge collection of extremely comfortable mattresses.

This store does speak much about quality but actual products are not that great. There have been innumerable complaints from customers regarding quality of the products. One customer bought furniture from Kincaid but had to be extremely careful with the product. Since they were made from solid wood and not the routine veneers, the furniture was very soft and prone to scratches. Even after careful handling, the furniture lost its sheen very quickly and the customer could do nothing about it. When the store was contacted, they simply told her that the damaged caused was not part of the warranty; a perfect example of poor after sales service. Some were not happy with the purchase commitments such as delivery methods, warranty and other such important details. In one case, delivery was delayed indefinitely. When the customer support personnel were contacted, their responses were neither accurate nor satisfactory. Another customer had bought a Kincaid dresser and mirror and trusted it to be American made and of good quality. But the truth came up later. The delivery personnel just dropped off the furniture and would not wait till it was opened. When the customer opened the pack, there were two deep gashes right on top of the dresser and none of the drawers were fitting properly. A reputed store should maintain the standards of the industry related to quality, purchase commitment, delivery timelines and all other intricate details common to the industry. Though all this is promised before purchase, the real problem is after-sales. Once a product is sold, the reputed stores worry little about the customers. When the store manager was contacted, he simply told the customer that the manufacture (based in Vietnam) was at fault. Again this incident is a sign of poor customer service from the part of Kincaid.

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