Haverty’s – A Review

Haverty’s – A Review

Haverty’s is one of the well known furniture brands. They have been in business since 1885. They proclaim much but many customers have felt a lack in quality of the furniture. Some have reported bad delivery standards and poor after sales service.

images Havertys – A ReviewWhen it comes to purchasing furniture for your home, competitive prices are a big plus but quality also matters a lot. Some customers give sole importance to pricing but most prefer quality as well as pricing. The Haverty Furniture Company began way back in 1885. Currently they have about 100 stores spread across 17 states. They proclaim to have it all: high quality furniture, affordable price tags and friendly staff. Haverty offers financing from 36 months to 60 months hence making all types of furniture and mattresses accessible to the common customer. Whatever be your budget, you are sure to find a product from Haverty. They have a well designed interactive website that offers you everything about a great online shopping experience. A special feature is that there are design tools available wherein the customer can plan his/her room as per one’s taste and requirement.

Many customers have reported very poor quality. Though this store speaks much about quality actual products are poor – mostly made in China. There have been innumerable complaints from customers. One customer bought a dining set for $5700. Within a year of purchase things began to continually fall apart. It began with the chairs and then the cabinets started off in similar fashion. When the customer investigated a little more, to his horror he found that all the pieces were held only by glue. It was something very dangerous to have in the house. The customer’s pregnant wife was once seated in a ‘high-quality’ Haverty’s dining chair, when suddenly the china cabinet fell off exposing a sharp corner. Luckily the lady managed to escape in time. When the store speaks of high quality, it should make it a point to stick to the claims. Another customer bought a sofa set from Haverty’s. During delivery itself the arms of the sofa were simply falling off. When the store was contacted they scheduled a replacement. The replacement did arrive but again the arms were quite loose and the entire set was very uncomfortable. The recliners came in next. This was again of poor quality. The back seats were so weak that even a skinny person was unable to sit comfortably. The store was contacted again and this time a technician was sent to set things right. This person noted several other issues like sagging cushions, loose arms, etc. This was a very bad show from the furniture store.

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