Haverty’s Furniture: Look Before You Leap

Haverty’s Furniture: Look Before You Leap

Haverty’s furniture store is one shop that must certainly not be in your list of affordable furniture stores. The furniture is not only expensive, but of poor quality as well. With poor customer service, high prices, unacceptable credit policies the store is nowhere close to creating customer satisfaction.

SP210 Simple Design Rocking Chair furniture 1 300x268 Havertys Furniture: Look Before You LeapIf you happen to do an online survey of Haverty’s furniture store, you will see that the company boasts of vast furniture collections for your living room, dining area, home offices, media room, bedroom along with mattresses. Well, don’t be fooled by this talk because everything is not as good as the company portrays it to be. There have been customer complaints about poor quality of the furniture. Few customers have reported of torn sofa material and a seam that was separated from its back. Nevertheless, the store lures the customers into buying protection plans that are meant to insure your furniture against accidents.

The customer service representatives are very friendly in the beginning, just before you make the purchase. They will reassure you about the protection plans, quality materials, durability and other factors. This scenario changes entirely after your purchase. If you happen to contact them again for accidental claims, your claim is denied in a straightforward manner and they even take back their furniture warranty! Next, when it comes to prices, Haverty’s furniture is anything but economical. People are often dissatisfied about having to pay exuberant prices for poor quality furniture. Havetry’s does not manufacture any of its furniture on sale. You can possibly visit a different furniture store for finding the same piece of furniture at affordable costs.

It has been known that over 70% of the furniture sold at Haverty’s is overly priced. What is worse, they continue to raise the prices despite customer dissatisfaction and slow economic times. Despite this, Haverty’s furniture keeps up its policy of “No haggle” to customers. The customer service is so poor that it is impossible to contact their representatives regarding furniture damages. The customers complain about disorganized record keeping process. While the store representatives seem to have your contact number recorded well in their books, they don’t make any attempt to contact you for meeting your service requirements.

The credit system at Haverty’s is poor as well. Few customers complain that they never received an invoice for their $2500 finance. A few months before the payment due date, they attempted to contact the credit company only to find that their account had disappeared from their books. It takes numerous phone calls, several letters and multiple trips to finally recover your account. Promotional coupons, shipping and delivery policies are unclear and cause great inconvenience to the customer. Avoid this store if you do not wish to receive damaged and late delivery furniture pieces.

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