Grand Furniture – A Review

Grand Furniture – A Review

Grand Furniture is well known store that was established in 1947. They have a good range of choices for home furnishings. Delivery procedures are very poor and many customers have reported negative experiences. Quality of the products was quite good most of the times.

grand furniture 300x237 Grand Furniture – A ReviewMost reputed companies whose brand power is spread far and wide have had humble beginnings. Grand Furniture is one such interesting company. It was founded in 1947 as a single store by a lady Rose Stein and her sons. The reputation of Grand spread quickly as a great store to purchase home furnishings with a good price. Quality and affordability are the two pillars on which this brand was built. This tradition is continued today by her descendants. Your home is the place where you come back after a hectic day. Hence comfort is of prime importance. Be it a movie cuddled on a sofa or a pleasant dining table where you can enjoy your food Grand knows that it should be the best. Cost should not become a hindrance for you to take the basic pleasures of life, Grand works towards this specific purpose of bridging high-quality with a low price tag. They honestly strive to give you the best product at the best price. The very fact that they have been around in business for such a long time adds to their credentials. Their website displays most of the furnishings available at Grand Furniture. You can also buy most of their products that are advertised through their website. They are one of the leading furniture stores in America with a wide range of choices and price tags. People can choose their furnishing as per their budget.

Though most of the customers felt great about Grand Furniture, there were a few who were extremely annoyed. One customer came across their advertisement and wanted to buy two living room sets and a bedroom set. The greatest problem they faced was with the delivery commitments. The actual delivery date was not honored. When the store was contacted, some unsatisfactory excuses were given. Finally the delivery did happen but after 5 tedious trips. Each of these times wrong furniture was brought and it had to be sent back. It is quite possible to error once or twice but five times in a row is unpardonable. However the quality of the furniture was quite good. There were no damages or tears. Many other customers have reported issues with the delivery. Grand Furniture should make sure it deals with professional delivery companies for saving its reputation. Some customers have also left negative feedbacks related to quality. A reputed store should provide adequate customer satisfaction.

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