Bare Woods & Home Furnishings Inc – A Review

Bare Woods & Home Furnishings Inc – A Review

Bare Woods & Home Furnishings Inc is one of the best furniture stores in the region. They have a wide range of collections of unfinished wood furniture. Most customers have had great experiences but sometimes the store did not live up to the expectations related to customer service, delivery timelines and quality of finishing services.

Beverly Hills Furniture Caelyn Leather Sofa 300x300 Bare Woods & Home Furnishings Inc – A ReviewBare Woods Furniture has been serving the industry for over 27 years. The regions included are Northern Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Washington and other places. They proclaim to offer the best in unfinished wood furniture. Their showroom is based in Chantilly, Virginia. They also undertake furniture finishing services. The customer can thus purchase the unfinished furniture and then opt to customize them as per the requirements. All your furnishing requirements for your home or office are adequately fulfilled by the store. They are the best when it comes to unfinished furnishings. The customer should be aware that this store deals precisely with unfinished furniture. Though they offer the finishing services, it comes with an additional charge. This should be told to the customer beforehand to avoid any last minute surprises.

Even the best of stores do have flaws. Some customers of have had negative experiences with the Bare Woods & Home Furnishings Inc store. One customer felt that the furniture was not of great quality. The store personnel vouched for the quality but in reality it was not so. Some of the unfinished furniture showed visible signs of damage. It was supposed to be covered during finishing but it would not go. The store did not take responsibility for the same. Though the price was low, the actual product did not meet prevailing market standards. The customer service after sales was also pretty poor and many people were dissatisfied. When one customer asked for a replacement, it took really long for the replacement to arrive. The store staff did not explain the reason for the delay. Their delivery methods were also pretty bad though prompt delivery is advertised. The availability of products also varies, especially when it comes to replacement of furniture. The duration taken for the finishing work is also pretty long. One customer reported that the finishing was not as per his directions. When the concerned person was contacted, he simply said that the job is complete and nothing much can be done. Again this can cause inconvenience related to delayed delivery and one may have to settle for a different design. At times some designs look different online and when it is delivered to your home variations are clearly present. Most gullible people tend to get carried away by offers and discounts but one should double check them always. An informed decision is always the best.

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